We Haven’t Seen You In Ages   –   Jarret Middleton

SmokeLong Quarterly  |  Issue 36   |  June 2012

photo by Leslie June

Photography by Leslie June



“This account of wreckage and its aftermath has no access to what happened, only the dirtied flesh of evidence after-the-fact. I cannot say what life was like before the cycle quickened and flashed out true hells, when visions of the blackened bottom sent me hurtling toward the unrelenting origin of pain. I only recall coming out of it, the filling over of a hole; dust rushed from the heart, hardened by fire to stone. This elusive epigenesis was not in a realm far superior or jeweled with meaning any more than the steadfast attributes of all our passing life. In the knells of its workings, you and your world were as abstract to me as my exclusion from it. And so perspective was not possible. Only near rising-ups, thinness, and folly”

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